Bubbles Sign

Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Bubbles Flutter fingers while raising face-down palms.


When playing with bubbles.

Other Signs

Ball : Use this sign while playing ball with child. Ask the child, "Do you want to play ball?" while signing.
Blocks : Playing with blocks.
Bubbles : When playing with bubbles.
Build : While playing blocks together.
Climb : When playtime involves climbing
Fun : When introducing child to descriptions of activities. ex. "Playing ball is fun!"
Hide : To play hide and go seek and they sign hide because they want to hide
Hop : To race hopping or to hop to a place
Painting : To tell you that they want to paint
Puzzle : If the child wants to play with a puzzle and cant find one they might sign puzzle
Sand Box : If a child wants to play on a sand box
Scissors : To do arts and crafts
Swim : To go in the pool