Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Pajamas
Take one hand and put it over your face and then come down and pinch your fingers together then take both hands and have your hands go up and down on your stomach They will sign it if they want their pajamas on
Related Signs
Asleep : Bedtime - naptime.
Bath : While telling child that it is bathtime; While child is in the bathtub.
Bed : This sign can be used for "good night", "nap-time", "crib", etc. Use this sign when telling a child that it is time for bed. You may find it helpful to say, "Night-night time in five minutes" while signing "five" and "bed". This prepares child for bed-time and gives them a chance to finish their activity before going to bed.
Blanket : At bedtime; In naming blankie
Book : While asking child if he/she would like to read a book; Ask child to bring his/her favorite book to you to read.
Pajamas : They will sign it if they want their pajamas on
Read : If the child wants to read a book
Robe : If the child wants to put on a robe
Story : To read the story