Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Robe
Take both of your hands and bring them from your chest to your waist then from one side of your stomach to another If the child wants to put on a robe
Related Signs
Asleep : Bedtime - naptime.
Bath : While telling child that it is bathtime; While child is in the bathtub.
Bath : While telling child that it is bathtime; While child is in the bathtub.
Bed : This sign can be used for "good night", "nap-time", "crib", etc. Use this sign when telling a child that it is time for bed. You may find it helpful to say, "Night-night time in five minutes" while signing "five" and "bed". This prepares child for bed-time and gives them a chance to finish their activity before going to bed.
Blanket : At bedtime; In naming blankie
Book : While asking child if he/she would like to read a book; Ask child to bring his/her favorite book to you to read.
Dirty : When introducing discriptions and opposites. When child begins to learn to clean his/her room. While doing the dishes, describe what you are doing to the child while signing. "See the dirty dish. Mommy is going to clean it. All clean!"
Finished : During mealtime, use sign to ask child if they are finished eating. During bathtime, use to ask child if they are ready to get out of tub. Same as "All Done."
Fire : When introducing safety to child.
Friends : You can play with your friends and go places together
Gift : You can tell them that they are getting a gift or they can tell you.
Go : To tell the child to go or to do the sign when you are in the car and the light turns green
Goodbye : This is one of the earliest signs that a non-signing child masters, however this is not the extent of their capabilities. Use this sign when entering or leaving an area while saying "hi" or "bye".
Help Me (Alternative) : This is an alternative to American Sign Language that has been used by many infants. It is easier to master this sign than the traditional version.
Pajamas : They will sign it if they want their pajamas on
Potty : This is a great sign to use when introducing potty training to your child. Make this sign whenever you see your child going potty and call his/her attention to it by asking "Are you going potty?" while signing. This makes the child aware of the process and more likely to alert you to his/her needs during the potty traing process.
Rainbow : In teaching child colors: While exploring outside.
Read : If the child wants to read a book
Robe : If the child wants to put on a robe
Robe : If the child wants to put on a robe
School : If they want to go to school or play school
Scissors : To do arts and crafts
Shoes : Use this sign when referring to shoes. You may find it helpful to ask the child, "What do we need before we go outside? Shoes!" The child may sign shoes whenever he/she wants to play outside and is less likely to fuss because he/she will understand that shoes must be on before leaving.
Story : To read the story
Towel : They need one to get out of the bath