Stars Sign

Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Stars Take your fingers and move them back and forth as you are pushing your hands up


To look at the stars or learning about stars

Other Signs

Airplane : When your child sees an airplane; When your child hears an airplane flying above them; While reading picture books together. (Remember to pair the sound an airplane makes while signing "airplane".)
Apple : When a child requests an apple; When giving child an apple; When grocery shopping in produce; When child sees an apple.
Ball : Use this sign while playing ball with child. Ask the child, "Do you want to play ball?" while signing.
Balloon : Children love balloons! Point them out at birthday parties or while grocery shopping. This is a sign your little one will surely pick up!
Banana : Use this sign prior to giving child a banana. Ask the child to sign when requesting a banana. Ask what a monkey eats.
Blanket : At bedtime; In naming blankie
Blocks : Playing with blocks.
Book : While asking child if he/she would like to read a book; Ask child to bring his/her favorite book to you to read.
Cloud : When exporing environment together.
Coat : While preparing child to go outside you might ask, "What do we need to go outside?" and model "shoes" and "coat".
Computer : While playing on the computer.
Dog : When child sees a dog; While taking a walk and child hears a dog barking; While reading picture books together. This may be a difficult sign for children. You may find it helpful to make up your own sign signifying a dog tail wagging or tongue panting. (Remember to pair animal sound with gesture in order to add interest.)
Flower : When child sees a flower; While reading picture books together. (Remember to pair the sound of sniffing with the sign "flower" in order to add interest. The child may prefer to sniff rather than sign "flower". Always follow your his/her lead.)
Gift : You can tell them that they are getting a gift or they can tell you.
Glue : They will ask for glue to make an arts and crafts
Grass : When exploring outside.
Hat : Use this sign when putting hat on child before going outside. This is a sign that can be mastered at an early age. The sign "hat" may be used interchangeably with the word "head" when labeling body parts.
Moon : They might sign moon if they want to look at the moon before bedtime
Paper : If they want paper to color on
Pumpkin : When the child sees a pumpkin the child might sign pumpkin because they want one
Puzzle : If the child wants to play with a puzzle and cant find one they might sign puzzle
Shoes : Use this sign when referring to shoes. You may find it helpful to ask the child, "What do we need before we go outside? Shoes!" The child may sign shoes whenever he/she wants to play outside and is less likely to fuss because he/she will understand that shoes must be on before leaving.
Socks : Use this sign when putting shoes and socks on child.
Stars : To look at the stars or learning about stars
Sun : If you go and watch the sun set
Telephone : Use this sign when pretending to talk on the phone. You may want to say "Daddy is on the phone", while handing a pretend phone to child. If child hears the phone ring, sign "telephone" in order to label that sound.
Toothbrush : At bedtime when it is time to brush teeth. You may want to teach the signs "bath", "book", "brush teeth", "potty" and "bed" so that it becomes part of the nightly routine and is something the child can participate in.
Towel : They need one to get out of the bath
Water : Use this sign when the child is in the bath or pool; while walking next to a lake; or to ask the child if he/she would like some water.