Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Story
Take both chains and turn them into chains and pull them apart To read the story
Related Signs
Asleep : Bedtime - naptime.
Bath : While telling child that it is bathtime; While child is in the bathtub.
Bed : This sign can be used for "good night", "nap-time", "crib", etc. Use this sign when telling a child that it is time for bed. You may find it helpful to say, "Night-night time in five minutes" while signing "five" and "bed". This prepares child for bed-time and gives them a chance to finish their activity before going to bed.
Blanket : At bedtime; In naming blankie
Book : While asking child if he/she would like to read a book; Ask child to bring his/her favorite book to you to read.
Pajamas : They will sign it if they want their pajamas on
Read : If the child wants to read a book
Robe : If the child wants to put on a robe
Story : To read the story